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Otinga provides effective and powerful

AI-tools and services to use hackathons, innovation challenges and ideathons in enterprise innovation. 

High Speed


Results Driven

AI Powered

Igniting Enterprise Innovation at scale


Scaled innovation events for everyone.

People from disciplines working together to solve problems or create something new. 

& Ideathons

A competition-style intensive event where individuals collaborate in teams to solve specific challenges. 


Create new and innovative solutions with your clients, with co-innovation hackathons and innovateathons

Innovation Iteration

A competition-style intensive event where individuals collaborate in teams to solve specific challenges. 

Innovation at scale
should be simple

Get started with industry leading frameworks and an AI Powered Platform we make this possible. 

  • Accelerate your Business KPIs

  • Build your Innovation Culture

  • Find the best ideas in your business

  • Integrated SAFe Innovation

Disruptive Innovation is the currency of success

Make Innovation your competitive advantage with hackathons and innovatathons.

  • OKR Aligned Innovation

  • ROI first approach

  • Leverage Scaled Innovation

  • Innovate along side your client

How we work

Scaled innovation
produce results

Researched in multiple studies, scaled innovation programs promotes high quality execution, aligned with innovation goals. 


Increase in patents filed by enterprise


Increase in employee engagement


Increase in new ideas generated

Innovative Leadership

Accelerate your Enterprise Innovation KPIs using Ideathons, Hackathons and Innovation challenges. 

Creating Innovation that Drives Forward Your Strategic Goals. 

Agile Practitioners

Easily Innovate during the Innovation and Planning Iteration using AI Augmented Hackathons. 

Product Development

Leverage Scaled Innovation to drive your product pipeline. 

Use AI to Automatically write your features and draft your business cases. 

Agile Consultants

Maximize Delivery on the Innovation Mandate  within SAFe using Scaled Innovation Practices.


With our strategic alignment approach, we focus on outcomes not the 'hype'

Results driven

Otinga helps you to disrupt your industry, helping you lead & define the rhythm of innovation. 


Our team has over hosted innovation programs with thousands of participants, stretching many time zones, continents and countries for fortune 100 companies.


Built with the best innovation practices and frameworks. Our AI Powered Platform simplifies value creation through scaled innovation.

AI Platform


Ready to accelerate your innovation?

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